Forget boring coffee mugs and wrap your hands around one of these 10 fun coffee mugs. These mugs are guaranteed to turn your morning cup of joe into a day-brightening experience! By Mr Weird

#1. Jesus Shaves Coffee Mug

Assuming Jesus received a shave or two during His lifetime, this remarkably silly mug suggests how it might have looked. The Jesus Shaves Mug begins with the traditional bearded Jesus. But when you pour in hot liquid, a miracle transpires-- His beard gradually vanishes before your very eyes! Before too long, you are looking at a clean-shaven Messiah. Hallelujah! Source: Amazon

#2. 50 Shades Of Ninja Mug

Assassinate caffeine cravings with this Ninja Mug. After a long day of sneaking around feudal Japan, carrying out a series of merciless assassinations, Ninjas love to kick back with a hot drink. Comes with a mask, a deadly spoon and shuriken coaster. It also has a little pocket that fits the spoon to make it look like a ninja sword. Source: Amazon

#3. Hairy Balls Coffee Mug

Are you a jokester? Show off your love for comedy with this hairy balls coffee mug! It's bound to get a laugh out of everyone who sees it. Source: Spencers

#4. Poop Mug 

A chat over a mug of coffee will never be the same once you've discovered the thrill of drinking coffee from a turd. Watch in joy as others faces turn to shock horror confusion, as your magnificent mug grins back at them. Source: Prezzybox

#5. Soccer "Penal Tea" Mug

Kick start your day with a dribble of tea in this interactive, novelty footy mug! Perfect for a brew at half-time, this 10oz shaped mug, with hilarious text that reads "Penal-tea", has a built in football net and includes a miniature football, so you can practice even when you're off the pitch! Dishwasher and microwave safe, this unique and fun ceramic mug is a definite keeper! Source: IWOOT

#6. Dog Nose Ceramic Mug

This doggy mug will create funny moments all day long as you sip coffee. Featuring a hand painted dog on the bottom of the mug which comes into view everytime you take a sip. Source: Amazon

#7. Robocop Mug

Your morning energy slumps have a new enemy! This crime fighting mug holds enough coffee for your caffeine hit to last all morning. Source: Amazon

#8. Kettlebell Mug

If eat, sleep, gym, repeat has become your mantra maybe you need to sit back and put your feet up once in a while and enjoy a much deserved cup of your favourite beverage from this unique mug. Shaped like a kettlebell, so you can still believe you are doing a mini lift each time you take a sip. Source: IWOOT

#9. Gollum Shaped Mug

If there’s one mug to rule them all, it’s this one. Featuring Gollum, also known as Smeagul, this oversized mug is made for fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Whether you’re a coffee lover, tea fan, or hot chocolate connoisseur, this mug is for you. Source: Amazon

#10. Alien Coffee Mug

The road to Area 51 starts with a hot cup of coffee and ends with you getting arrested for trespassing. This is the perfect mug for UFO enthusiasts who are always wondering whether we are alone r not. Source: Amazon

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