Unique Wine Bottle Holders

Discover our huge selection of Unique Wine Bottle Holders which are perfect for wine lovers everywhere.
Santa Claus Wine Holder
Santa Claus is coming to town and he will guard your wine with his dear life.  
Reindeer Wine Holder
You won't have to dash through the snow to find wine when Rudolph is guarding it!
Lion Shaped Wine Holder
Unleash the beast as it protects your wine. This lion styled wine holder is the absolute "mane" choice.
High Heel Wine Bottle Holder
Kick off your heels and have some wine. These high heel wine bottle holders will keep your wine in place.
Gecko Wine Rack - It's Okay To Be Weird
This little gecko is ready to blend right into your weird home decor. This Gecko Wine Rack is made of refined iron.
Flamingo Wine Holder - It's Okay To Be Weird
This is not only a flamingo sculpture, but also a practical wine bottle holder. The pretty and cute flamingo sits on the ground, with its...
Cat Wine Holder - It's Okay To Be Weird
This cute kitty cat looks like it's doing yoga but what it's really doing is holding your wine bottle. This Cat Wine Holder has a...
Cat Wine Cork Container & Bottle Holder
This kitty is here to hold your favorite bottle of wine and it's belly will store all your corks. This cat wine cork container is...