Unique Home Decor Ideas

We know you love to show off your unique sense of style. Check out this sweet list of unique home decorating ideas that lets you get weird in every room in the house! Discover products from unique flower pots to hilarious bath mats and so much more!
Wooden Panda Figurines - It's Okay To Be Weird
These Wooden Panda Figurines are as gentle as a panda and just as strong. These panda figurines feature movable limbs so you can position them...
Spilling Coffee Cup Sculpture - It's Okay To Be Weird
This is the perfect piece to go on your kitchen if you are a coffee lover. It features a spilling coffee cup suspended in mid...
Cat Tail Flower Pot - It's Okay To Be Weird
Our cute cats are here to keep your plants growing and flourishing. Each cat is made of ceramic.
Hanging Sloth Plant Pots - It's Okay To Be Weird
This planter is soo "slophisticated". Each hanging planter is designed to look like an adorable sloth. 
Wooden House Wall Storage - It's Okay To Be Weird
You may huff and puff but you won't blow these houses down. Our mini house storage units are the perfect display to showcase your keepsakes.
Swan Small Storage Statues - It's Okay To Be Weird
Say good-bye to those ugly duckling pieces of decor and hello to our swan-styled pieces. Aailable in black or white, each handmade from resin.
Yoga Dog Sculpture - It's Okay To Be Weird
If you have a flexible sense of humor then these yoga dog sculptures will make a great addition to your home. Choose from 3 diffrent...
WIFI Acrylic Sconce - It's Okay To Be Weird
Wi-Fight this Feeling? Go ahead and get your very own WIFI Acrylic Sconcs, it's the creative lighting source you have been looking for. Please note...
Facial Features Vase - It's Okay To Be Weird
You don't need your 5 senses to know that these vases won't last. Grab yours today. Choose from a nose, mouth, lips or ear vase...
Exquisite Glass Hourglass - It's Okay To Be Weird
Where did the time go? This expertly crafted hourglass is not only beautiful on the eyes but a great way to watch your time.
Shark Ashtray - It's Okay To Be Weird
This shark ashtray is not only a clever way to manage your ashes, it's a fantastic ceramic piece for anyone who likes sharks and shark...
Key Bricks Holder - It's Okay To Be Weird
Gone are the days when you’re locked out of your home because you've picked up the wrong set of keys. Now you can color code...
Stay Weird Neon Wall Art - It's Okay To Be Weird
If there's one thing to remember in life, it's to "Stay Weird"…and if you forget, don't worry, we've got the perfect reminder for you! Dress...
Stay Weird Wall Tapestry - It's Okay To Be Weird
This Indoor Stay Weird Wall Tapestry by Florent Bodart adds beautiful color to your home or office. No need to seek out expensive solutions to...
Modern Astronaut Lamp - It's Okay To Be Weird
Our astronaut has landed on your table from an incredible journey to outer space. Choose from one of our stylish designs today.
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