Unique Gifts For Women

You know the saying, "Happy Wife, Happy Life". Get that special woman in your life something unique or funny with this list of unique gifts for women. A smile is guaranteed!
Unicorn Ear Muffs
Let our unicorns cover your ears and keep you warm all winter!
Unicorn Sleeping Mask - It's Okay To Be Weird
Travel to a fantasy dreamworld every night with this Unicorn Sleeping Mask. 
Magic Nail Polish Remover - It's Okay To Be Weird
With this magic nail polish remover, you no longer need to go to a professional nail salon to get it done. It's extremely easy to...
Angel And Devil Pink Heart Stud Earrings - It's Okay To Be Weird
Show your good or bad side with these Angel and Devil Pink Heart Stud Earrings. 
Galaxy Rose - It's Okay To Be Weird
You don't have to worry about dying flowers anymore. This enclosed flashing rose is here to stay.
School Bag Airpods Case - It's Okay To Be Weird
Who doesn't love a book-bag styled airpod case? These School Bag Airpods Cases are durable and the silicone cover offers good protection against impact for...
Toast Coin Purse - It's Okay To Be Weird
We really hate to boast but don't you just love toast?  Grab a toast bag today and fill it with your small prized possessions.
The Phone Purse - It's Okay To Be Weird
Operator can you call everybody and let them know that my phone is off the hook, literally! This trendy Phone Purse is designed to look...
Rose Red Crystal Stud Earrings - It's Okay To Be Weird
He loves me, he loves me more. These Rose Red Crystal Stud Earrings will keep you feeling loved all day. You can choose from a...
Ruby Red Glitter Pumps Phone Stand - It's Okay To Be Weird
Step up your phone accessory game by propping it up this shimmering pair of ruby red pumps! You won't even need to drop a house...
Bee Drop Earrings - It's Okay To Be Weird
Wouldn't you "bee" happy if you received these earrings? These Bee Earrings are made with  Simulated-pearl, cubic zirconia and silver.  Sold By Wotsu
Little Monster Shoulder Bag - It's Okay To Be Weird
This little monster is here to gobble up your wallet, lipstick, iphone and more. This Little Monster Shoulder Bag is the perfect fashion statement. Made with...
Lonely Planet Necklace - It's Okay To Be Weird
Get yourself this Lonely Planet Necklace as a reminder that although a good time can be shared with others, it's okay to be alone and...
Nicolas Cage Prayer Candle - It's Okay To Be Weird
This Nicolas Cage celebrity prayer candle is the perfect way to show your love and devotion for your favorite celebrity. Every single candle is handmade...
Unicorn Pendant - It's Okay To Be Weird
This magnificent unicorn pendant will add colorful sparkle to your day. This pendant features white, yellow, red, violet, pink, blue, and green genuine Swarovski® crystals...