Unique Gifts For Women

You know the saying, "Happy Wife, Happy Life". Get that special woman in your life something unique or funny with this list of unique gifts for women. A smile is guaranteed!
Dirty B*tch Soap
Know someone who needs to clean up their act? This Dirty B*tch Soap is the perfect comedy gift! In bright pink with lots of sparkles to...
Alien Perfume
Experience the extraordinary power of Alien Perfume, a radiant scent that inspires a spiritual journey to unveil our hidden beauty. The glow of Jasmine Sambac...
Strap On Umbrella - It's Okay To Be Weird
Don’t you just hate it when you need to do something with your two hands but just can’t because you’re holding your umbrella, protecting yourself...
Sunny Side Up Ping Pong Paddle - It's Okay To Be Weird
That feeling when you know your dream is happening and layers of doubt give way to bold belief in your potential is exactly when you...
Cake Batter Chapstick - It's Okay To Be Weird
Treat yourself, or your friends, with limited edition Cake Batter flavored ChapStick lip balm. Make it a small addition to a gift bag or a...
Smiley Face Rings - It's Okay To Be Weird
Metals Type - CopperGender - WomenMaterial - MetalRing Size - Adjustable Size Rings
I Am Her Brooch - It's Okay To Be Weird
Our female brooch is the icing on the cake for any outfit. This is the year of the female! 
Cherry Pie & Apple Jewelry Dish - It's Okay To Be Weird
Be the apple of his eye with our apple and pie jewelry holder. These dishes are perfect to hold small jewelry or car keys. Made...
Ultra Short Gloves - It's Okay To Be Weird
Our ultra short leather-styled gloves are perfect for those that are ready to show off their watches, bracelets, and ummmm  beautiful wrists.  
Upside Down Double Layer Bear Mug - It's Okay To Be Weird
We've come "bearing" gifts. Who doesn't love a cuddly bear in their cup?  
LED Neon Light Up Hanger - It's Okay To Be Weird
Put your next days outfit on full display with this neon light up hanger. Comes in pink, warm white or white and each charges with...
Whooo Has My Jewelry Box - It's Okay To Be Weird
Our owls are an eye catcher for any jewelry collector. Whoooo wouldn't agree once you see the jewels and gems to add more beauty to...
Queen Of Everything Mug - It's Okay To Be Weird
The perfect gift for the spoiled princess in your life is this Queen Of Everything Mug. Holds 10 ounces of liquid.
Cactus Throw Blanket - It's Okay To Be Weird
A catcus is known to withstand heat and that is exactly why we've collected some of our very own cacti to ensure that you will...
Rose Champagne Glass - It's Okay To Be Weird
What's better than a bouquet of beautiful roses for your partner? How about a beautiful Rose Champagne Glass. 
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