10 Funny Air Fresheners That Will Lift Your Spirits

Need a little pick me up while you are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic every morning? If so check out this sweet collection of 10 funny air fresheners that are sure to lift your spirits. 

#1. Prison Mike Car Air Freshener

Are you a fan of The Office then you will know and love the Prison Mike character Michael Scott created. Comes with two air fresheners in black ice and strawberry fragrance, so you can keep you prison mike air freshener hanging for longer! The perfect give for any fan of The Office, not only will you car smell nice it will be the shizzle! Source: Amazon



#2. Jeffrey Epstein Air Freshener

Have Fun with this FUNNY Air Freshener! Nobody really knows what happened in that jail cell but the one thing we ALL can agree on is THIS AIR FRESHENER DIDN'T HANG ITSELF! Source: Amazon



#3.  Mclovin License Car Air Freshener

Let everyone you pass on the road know you have a McLovin drivers license. This melon scented air freshener is rectangular and features McLovin's drivers info on both sides for a humorous look. Source: Etsy



#4. Pickle Air Freshener

During your commute, do you feel like a pickle in a jar? This Pickle Air Freshener will add some dill to your daily drive as it dangles deliciously from your mirror. This 5-1/2” tall Pickle Air Freshener smells like dill. Source: The Perpetual Kid




#5. Rubber Chicken Air Freshener.

Your car smells funny, but the Rubber Chicken Air Freshener will make it smell hilarious! This 6” tall rubber chicken smells like bubblegum and signals to the world that you are a person of taste, distinction and good humor. Source: Amazon



#6. Bigfoot Air Freshener

Those of us who live in Washington and Oregon can attest to the fact that bigfoot is one hairy, stinky dude. That means the pleasing pine odor of this 5" tall Bigfoot Air Freshener comes as a happy surprise. Perfect for the rearview mirror of your car, a tent after a long weekend or just teasing a friend with large feet. String for hanging included. Source: Amazon




#7. Harry Styles Air Freshener

The perfect give for any fan of Harry music Styles, not only will their car smell nice but it will also makes them happy. Source: Amazon



#8. Squirrel In Underpants Air Freshener

It might seem weird at first, but if you think about it, squirrels in underpants were inevitable. Those little streakers have been running naked through trees for too long! This mildly insane air freshener, which thankfully smells better than a squirrel without underpants, exudes weirdness and a forest fresh scent. It comes with a string for hanging and an illustration of a properly covered squirrel. Source: The Perpetual Kid



#9. Kim Kardashian Air Freshener

The perfect gift for the Kim Kardashian fan in your life. The Kim Kardashian 'Tears Scented' Air Freshener has high notes of salt and low undertones of a warm water. Source: Amazon



#10. Cat Astronaut Air Freshener

Space, the final cat door. This Cat Astronaut Air Freshener features the voyages of the starship Litterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new boxes. To swat at new bugs and new laser pointers. To boldly go where no cat has gone before! Smells like orange and comes with a string for hanging on your rearview mirror. Source: The Perpetual Kid


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