10 Dill-lightful Pickle Flavored Snacks

If you’re not in a dill-lightful mood, we’ve got something to cheer you up. We have compiled 10 pickle items for all you pickle lovers. "Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission."

#1. Pickle Candy

This Candy is Dill-icious! If you like a pickle, you’ll love Pickle Candy! These green and white striped hard candies look like something grandma might keep in a crystal dish on the credenza. But, if she tasted one of these, she’d be in for a briny surprise. This candy tastes like sweet pickles! Source: Amazon



#2. Dill Pickle Popcorn

How can you possibly improve on a pickle? Take away the jar, harness the QUINTESSENTIAL PICKLE FLAVOR and pack it with plenty of crunch. This Gluten Free, Nut Free and Zero Grams of Trans Fat is partially popped and fully delicious! Source: Amazon



#3. Giant Gummy Pickle

If you Relish all things Pickle, then this is a really big Dill! This Giant Gummy Pickle is made with sour dill pickle flavoring and will satisfy the cravings of any pickle lover! Source: Amazon



#4. PickleAde

You've heard of lemonade but have you heard of PickleAde? PickleAde was developed to give the health attributes found in pickle products to busy people on the go. PickleAde is 100% fermented pickle juice in a 3oz bottle, a convenient size that can be carried in your gym bag, purse, car or kept in your refrigerator. Source: Amazon



#5. Pickle Soda

It turns out anything can be pickled—even soda! Pickle Soda Pop converts the flavor experience of sipping from a pickle jar into a sweet soda that’s easy to gulp down. The carbonated condiment blends the deliciousness of a sour dill pickle with the sweetness of pure cane sugar to create a unique but mellow flavor. Both passionate picklers and intrigued taste adventurers will enjoy the one-of-a-kind beverage. Source: Amazon



#6. Pickle Ice Pops

Are you a closet pickle juice drinker? Do you enjoy dill pickles with a sandwich? If so then you will love Bob's Pickle Ice Pops! Bob's Pickle Pops has so many benefits for athletes and can be easily enjoyed frozen or unfrozen. Source: Amazon



#7. Dill Pickle Slim Jim

It’s beefy, it’s savory, and as far as pickle-flavored snacks go, it’s a really big dill. Stop sneaking sips of juice out of the jar and get all the briny, vinegary you want with the added perk of protein, courtesy of a Vlasic dill pickle Slim Jim. Source: Amazon



#8. Pickle Cotton Candy

Pickles have been popular for hundreds of years. Try some of this delicious Dill Pickle Cotton Candy and you might get popular too. This plastic tub is sealed and contains 1.2oz of Dill Pickle Flavored Cotton Candy. Perfect for adventurous eaters, this cotton candy is strangely delicious! Source: Amazon



#9. Pickle Pringles

What comes next after the “pop” of a Pringles Dill Pickle can? The crisp, taste of dill pickle that hits the spot every time. Get your hands on Pringles Dill Pickle Potato Crisps for awesomeness that keeps you coming back, stack after stack. Source: Amazon



#10. Pickle Jelly Beans

Real pickles are all briny and damp, these pickly jelly beans are perfect little bites of dill-flavored sweetness. You’ll get 3 oz. of dill pickle-flavored jelly beans in each pickle jar tin. Not quite as dill-icious as actual pickles, but a perfectly sweet, easily transportable, pickly treat. It's a pickle party! Source: Amazon


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